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The MAGA Bubble Finally Bursts

Back on 7 Apr 2021 I wrote a piece titled “The Decline of the Republican Party - First Gradually and then Suddenly.” Well, for those who haven’t been paying attention lately, the suddenly part has now finally arrived. So what will the Republicans do now? They face a number of significant challenges.

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I write as The Practical Utopian because my twin desires are to be:
Down-to-earth — I try to write short pieces explaining big ideas that will be broadly useful;
Idealistic — I write with the goal of helping all of us achieve better outcomes, both for ourselves and for those around us.

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Muddled thinking and self-deception

Mr. Campion was shocked. There are some people to whom muddled thinking and self-deception are the two most unforgivable crimes in the world.

Margery Allingham, 1938

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The Weight

I recently came across the Playing for Change Song Around the World video of Robbie Robertson’s composition β€œThe Weight,” and it made me want to think – and write! – more deeply about how this song works, and what it means, and the timeless nature of its appeal.

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Notenik on MacBook Air

Built with Notenik

Available from the Mac App Store, Notenik can be used for taking, organizing, formatting and publishing notes, with each note consisting of multiple fields, as well as chunks of text of any length. This latest version of The Practical Utopian website has been built using Notenik.

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