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faces of many hues, all looking to the right

The Importance of Progressive Activism

It was just a little over four years ago that I remember sitting in front of our TV with our neighbors, watching the election returns, preparing to celebrate.

19 Apr 2021 · Essay

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Businessman frightened by a stats sudden collapse

The Decline of the Republican Party - First Gradually and then Suddenly

In line with the famous quote from Ernest Hemingway, the Republican Party seems to see their fortunes on the decline – gradually for now – but perhaps suddenly before much longer.

07 Apr 2021 · Essay

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Crowd of Demonstrators

Free Speech at the Crossroads

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, questions surrounding free speech are hot-button items these days. Should anyone be free to say anything, about anyone, at any time, and to any audience? If not, who's responsible for moderation, and what are the rules? And at what point does moderation become censorship?

17 Feb 2021 · Essay

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Many people gathering together in a circle

A Resumption of our Humanity

As I watched the Biden-Harris inaugural ceremonies this week, I found myself overcome by unanticipated thoughts and feelings.

21 Jan 2021 · Essay

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Compass dial with needle pointing towards Truth

The Big Truth

If we want to end The Big Lie, what undisclosed pieces of truth do we need to bring out into the open in order to achieve a more spacious shared understanding of our common reality?

17 Jan 2021 · Essay

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Evil clown with balloons

The Clown Coup

The invasion of our Capitol building on January 6th, 2021, and the accompanying disruption of the work of our duly elected members of Congress, was certainly an unprecedented and frightening addition to our American history books. And yet, despite all of the terrifying and shocking things we witnessed during this day, the one thing we didn't see was any serious attempt to seize power, or to overthrow our government.

08 Jan 2021 · Essay

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Red tennis shoes pointing towards one straight line and one tangled line

Life is Complicated

We all would like a quick fix of simple certainty, and no matter where we turn today, we can find an army of pushers waiting to feed our habit, even giving the stuff away for free, just to keep us hooked.

26 Dec 2020 · Essay

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Diving into dark water

Diving Back Into Our American Muddle

I'm tempted to call the story heartbreaking, but it's more like brain-breaking: how can people who are so sick that they have to be hospitalized still refuse to believe in the existence of the very disease that is killing them?

21 Nov 2020 · Essay

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Montreal's skyline with the downtown skyscrapers and the Leonard Cohen homage mural


The history of Leonard Cohen's song “Hallelujah” is a fascinating one. Cohen's songs had never really been embraced by the masses, and his first recording of “Hallelujah” in the early eighties was part of an album so lacking in obvious commercial appeal that the president of CBS Records responded to it by saying: “What is this? This isn't pop music. We're not releasing it. This is a disaster.”

29 Oct 2020 · Appreciation

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Gary Cooper looking askance at his newly acquired butler in a scene from the Frank Capra film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Reframing our Debates about Capitalism

There is a flaw in the reasoning behind our infernal, never-ending, society-splitting debate concerning socialism vs. capitalism, and I want to point it out.

12 Oct 2020 · Essay

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