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Continuous Improvement book with people, light bulb, gears and upward arrow

A Universal Improvement Process

These are the elements of a generalized improvement process, integrating components of natural selection, the scientific method and various disciplines for product and process improvement.

13 May 2023 · Essay

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Group of orange beaked white geese during a golden sunset.

Keeping to the Cackle with AI

Producing speech that sounds meaningful but has no genuine thought behind it is nothing new – humans have been doing this for years, without any help from newfangled chatbots.

31 Mar 2023 · Essay

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Four Aces from a deck of cards

The Four Essential Attributes of any Organization

In order to survive and thrive, any organization must possess the following four characteristics: Identity, Integrity, Differentiation, and Profitability.

08 Feb 2023 · Essay

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Bo's Lasting Lessons book cover

Schembechler, Bacon and Leadership

I have a leadership video I’d like to share with you. And then I’d like to point out several valuable leadership lessons to be gleaned from this entertaining tale of a fiery confrontation between famed football coach Bo Schembechler and one of his student athletes, as recounted by award-winning raconteur John U. Bacon.

06 Feb 2023 · Essay

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Train to Birmingham

Southerner Thomas Wolfe, in his book You Can’t Go Home Again, wrote about our inability to travel back in time and return to our origins. John Hiatt seemed to have had much the same sentiments in mind when he penned his song “Train to Birmingham.”

03 Feb 2023 · Appreciation

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Elephant destroys a wall and passes through it.

Thank God for Elon Musk!

Many people had gotten used to thinking of Twitter as a sort of public space, a digital town square where every reasonable person could find their own soapbox, and perhaps even a few people to stop and listen to them once in a while. But then Musk came along.

17 Dec 2022 · Essay

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Money is flying away by the inflation bubble and employees trying to prevent it.

Why Inflation Will be Hard to Contain

After staying at a pleasantly ignorable level for years, inflation is once again making headlines. And so the pundits and talking heads are falling over each other trying to explain what’s going on. But I still think most of them have a hold of the wrong end of the stick.

12 Dec 2022 · Essay

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Love and Danger Album Cover

Whenever Kindness Fails

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this song by Robert Earl Keen first recorded by Joe Ely for his Love and Danger album, released in 1992. This is a song about the importance of showing care to others, through our words and our deeds. And about the implacable consequences of failures to do so.

18 Nov 2022 · Appreciation

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Woman blowing bubble with a pink bubble gum, and Pop! speech bubble

The MAGA Bubble Finally Bursts

Back on 7 Apr 2021 I wrote a piece titled “The Decline of the Republican Party - First Gradually and then Suddenly.” Well, for those who haven’t been paying attention lately, the suddenly part has now finally arrived. So what will the Republicans do now? They face a number of significant challenges.

13 Nov 2022 · Essay

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rocket launching next to big head cutaway showing internal gears

An Overdue Update from The Practical Utopian

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything from The Practical Utopian, so I thought it might be time to give everyone an update on what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months, including: updates to my Mac App Notenik, the new website, and the reborn site

10 Oct 2022 · Essay

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