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Balanced pyramid of pebbles and the identical stones collapsed next to it.

Lessons to be Learned from the Fall of Afghanistan

I think there are a few very broad lessons we Americans can learn from the rapid fall of the Afghan government over the last few days.

17 Aug 2021 · Essay

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Eco city: Future ecosystem with building, tree and windmill.

Why It's a Bad Time to be a Conservative

Conservatism is a respectable human impulse. But now is not a particularly good time for it.

21 Jul 2021 · Essay

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Painting of heart with hands of multicultural group

Kindness by Design

Perhaps we might come around to thinking that economic kindness, instead of being something indulged in capriciously by bleeding-heart liberals who are occasionally feeling generous, should in fact be a regular practice that is designed into our societies.

14 Jul 2021 · Essay

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Democratic Donkey Vs Republican Elephant

Are Political Parties Doing Us More Harm Than Good?

I've been making the case lately that the Republican Party is in decline, and needs to reinvent itself. But perhaps something even more radical is needed. For when we look at the current state of our two-party system in the US, nothing about it makes any sense.

25 Jun 2021 · Essay

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Album Cover

And When I Die

As children, our thoughts about death are stuff of dreams and fairy tales. As adults we learn to suppress these thoughts because we are busy getting on with things. But as teenagers, in this transition between nursery rhymes and real life, we tend to approach this topic with a frankness and curiosity that can be somewhat startling. Laura Nyro wrote her song “And When I Die” at the age of 17, and her refreshing treatment of the subject shows none of the reverence or piety that we learn to adopt as adults.

03 Jun 2021 · Appreciation

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Profiles of Republican and Democrat arguing in front of US map

Have Our Political Parties Turned Into Cults?

I recently wrote a piece offering “Some Hard-Won Wisdom Concerning Cults.” And I've written a couple of pieces recently questioning the direction of the current Republican Party. And so, today, I want to ask the question: should either, or both, of our political parties be considered cults?

31 May 2021 · Essay

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Brainwashing machine

Some Hard-Won Wisdom Concerning Cults

As someone who once belonged to an organization later determined to be a cult, I can tell you that the warning signs are not always obvious.

27 May 2021 · Essay

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Antique illustration of Norwegian lemmings

Where, Exactly, Are the Republicans Headed?

So now the Republicans seem doomed to act like some strange variety of lemmings, unable to turn back from the cliff after their leader has jumped, but unable to turn away. And so they spend every day of their lives dancing along the edge, trying to convince the rest of us how good life will be at the bottom.

16 May 2021 · Essay

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Red King and line of black pawns

Leadership and Followership: 21 Key Observations

I was reading recently about a couple of different situations involving traits of both leadership and followership. Some reflection on these two situations has compelled me to dispense the following bits of wisdom on the subjects of leading and following. Some of these may seem obvious, and some controversial, but they are all equally true and valuable, based on my own experience doing a fair bit of both in a number of different organizations.

06 May 2021 · Essay

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Diagram including consumers, capital, community and labor

Thinking Differently About Our Economy

We all know that the economy is important. We talk about it every day. But do we ever think about… how we think about it? How we visualize it? How we've been conditioned to think about it, perhaps unknowingly?

24 Apr 2021 · Essay

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