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Welcome to, the website for Practical Utopians!

We invite you to explore our site. You’ll note that it contains several different types of content.

  • Our Core Writings spell out who we are and what we’re about, laying out our Background, Mission, Principles and Values.

  • Our Basics offer extended, but still foundational, information about our core beliefs.

  • Our Blog Posts offer commentary on a variety of topics from a Practopian perspective.

  • Our Appreciations offer original appreciations of works by others.

  • Our Issues section identifies the issues we feel are most important.

  • We’ve collected a number of Quotations that reflect and illustrate our core beliefs.

  • We also highlight various News Items, with some brief commentary on why they’re relevant to our interests.

  • Our Links section contains a collection of helpful hyperlinks to other resources – works of art, websites – that we recommend.

If you’d like to see what’s new, you can review a list of the latest original content added to the site, or a list of all the latest content, including references to content originating at other sites.

And our Tags Index Page presents a list of all the Tags used on the site. Most of these Tags tie back to one of our Core Principles or Values or Issues; feel free to click on any of these to delve into additional content on a particular topic.

Navigation links at the bottom of most pages can be used to proceed directly from one page to another, using any of several possible paths through the site.

If you have feedback or a message for us of any kind, please use our Contact page to send us a note. We’d love to hear from you!

Published 2016 Oct 15

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