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This log tracks major changes to the site, especially in regards to the Core Writings. A more detailed change history can be found on GitHub.

10 Oct 2018

Changed the phrase “open-source religion” to instead say “open-source belief system” (based on feedback from our first Seattle meetup, which occurred on Oct 9).

2 Aug 2018

Changed “The Practopian Creed” to “The Practopian Way.” Only the title was changed. No changes were made to the content.

27 May 2018

Added Where to Next? navigation links at the bottom of most pages, giving the user access to multiple ways to navigate through the site from one page to the next. These links are powered by Javascript.

22 May 2018

Added the Basics section, along with the first Basic Info page, on “Evolution and its Implications.”

14 Mar 2018

Made a few minor changes to the wording of some of the Core beliefs. Also created the Abridged Version of the Creed. Revised Core beliefs Version Number to 0.91.

18 Mar 2017

Bundled the Mission, Principles and Values into The Practopian Creed. Identified the Core beliefs at Version Number 0.90.

01 Feb 2017

Added the Links section.

06 Dec 2016

  • Added the Pledge page.
  • Moved the site from to, with a redirect from the .com site.

Published 2016 Dec 05

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