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Cultural evolution is a Core Principle.

We are particularly interested in cultural evolution, since what it means to be human is so intertwined with our cultural identity.

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Quotation: The only dependable things are humility and looking

Quotation: Between-group selection became the primary evolutionary force

Quotation: The entire pageant of human history

Quotation: Our long-term personal and societal goals

Quotation: Religions are great bushy trees

Quotation: A vast repository of information learned and passed down from previous generations

Quotation: Our species does represent a new evolutionary process

Quotation: Egocentric Existence

Quotation: Man's nature is an open, constantly evolving system

Quotation: The historical trajectory of violence

Quotation: If the future of humanity is decided in your absence...

Quotation: the biological evolution of Homo sapiens was usurped by socio-cultural evolution

Quotation: You have your position because of the events of history

Quotation: The brightest goat in the herd

Quotation: Fear of Missing Out

Quotation: The system has been shaping and reshaping our minds

Quotation: I'll take the big sordid dirty crooked city

Quotation: Push Outward

Quotation: Thralls to group instincts

Quotation: Cultural, as opposed to biological, evolution

Quotation: Our Social Order Now in a State of Permanent Flux

Quotation: The Awesome Power of Culture

Quotation: Cultures as a kind of mental infection

Quotation: Why study history?

Quotation: Authentic cultures

Quotation: From a biological perspective, nothing is unnatural

Quotation: Human imagination more than biological reality

Quotation: Most sociopolitical hierarchies lack a logical or biological basis

Quotation: Myths are stronger than anyone could have imagined

Quotation: These principles have no objective validity

Quotation: History is something very few people have been doing

Quotation: Evolutionary success and individual suffering

Quotation: No single natural way of life for Sapiens

Quotation: The Extent of Freedom in All of its Dimensions

Quotation: I must study politics and war

Quotation: The time-worn yoke of their opinions

Quotation: The Real Problem of Humanity

Quotation: The Toxic Mix of Religion and Tribalism

Quotation: Only a Human Being

Quotation: Moral Religion

Quotation: This Highest Kind of Religious Feeling

Quotation: The Fragile Constructs of History

Quotation: The Makers of Things

Quotation: Chaos and Mediocrity

Quotation: Counter-Culture's own values and aesthetics decayed

Quotation: Never Knew Cocaine to Improve Anything

Quotation: Sixties Surpluses of Money and Time

Quotation: Inextricably Linked in Freedom

Quotation: All the World's Cultures Now Available to Us

Quotation: Levels of Development

Quotation: Merely Thoroughly Outrageous

Quotation: Homophobia

Quotation: Ancient ethnic sores belching fire

Quotation: The Arc of History

Quotation: Changing the World

Quotation: The Discomfort of Thought

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