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Mr. Deeds in his pajamas

Reframing our Debates about Capitalism

There is a flaw in the reasoning behind our infernal, never-ending, society-splitting debate concerning socialism vs. capitalism, and I want to point it out.

Green Global Systems

The Era of Environmental Accommodation is Over

When historians look at the long span of our human history, they try to make sense of our arc of cultural evolution by breaking it up into phases.

Statehouse in Annapolis, Maryland

The Shocking Truth About Us Liberals

I can tell from my occasional conversations with friends and relatives who are Trump supporters that they have been thoroughly brainwashed about what we liberals stand for in the 2020 elections. So let me lift the veil of secrecy and reveal some of our deepest, darkest secrets.

Abandoned house with a Trump electoral sign

Undoing Trumpism

With a little luck, and a lot of hard work, we might be fortunate enough to see Donald Trump leave office in a few months. If so, that will be the end of the Trump presidency. Unfortunately, though, it won't mean the end of Trumpism.

Armed Riot Police repelling protestors

Cooperation, Competition and Coercion

When we look at the major societal choices facing us today, the primary question is not whether we want a society that is more cooperative or more competitive, but whether we're ready for a society that is less coercive.

Arrows going upwards

The Progressive Path Forward - A 12-State Strategy

By now leading progressives are starting to realize that they face some severe structural impediments if they are serious about getting real progress in the United States. Let’s figure out a way around them.

Louis Armstrong stamp

Can the US Become a Truly Egalitarian Society?

As with many of us, I've been thinking deeply lately about the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breanna Taylor, and so many other people of color, and wondering how and why these atrocities continue to occur in my country, and what we can do to turn things around.



We believe in democracy, with all citizens having an equal say in defining their society's laws, and an equal opportunity to influence their governments.

Young couple standing on the jetty and watching sunrise

8 Big Lessons We Can Learn from the Pandemic

Suffering through a pandemic is a terrible way to have to learn a lesson or two about the nature of humanity. But it's what we have, so we may as well make use of it.

Capitalist Tentacles

Why Do We Call It Capitalism?

As Americans we generally believe in capitalism as a superior economic system, and are typically convinced that our country is run on capitalistic principles. But I've been wondering lately: If these things are really true, then why do so few Americans actually possess any capital?


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