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The Values form a framework for action, a set of goals we'd like to satisfy, to the greatest extent possible.

  1. Balance: We believe in striving for balance between competing concerns. Although all of the values on this list are important to us, we have no desire to establish any one of them as fundamentally absolute.

  2. Liberty: We believe in allowing adults as much liberty as practical, so long as they do not infringe on the life and liberty of others, either directly and individually, or indirectly and communally.

  3. Society: We value the social fabric that binds us together as part of a shared human community, and believe in the need to establish institutions of governance for society.

  4. Connection: A feeling of caring connection to others is part of what makes us human, and is the central force that makes each one of us part of something larger than our individual selves.

  5. Rule of Law: Every society should establish a rule of law to govern human interaction, to channel human energy along constructive paths, and to promote useful order; these rules should be constructed in accordance with Practopian principles and values; it is the duty of citizens of a society to obey such rules.

  6. Equality: All citizens must be treated with equality before the law, without discrimination based on appearance, gender, ethnic origin, race, sexual preference, wealth or social status.

  7. Democracy: We believe in democracy, with all citizens having an equal say in defining their society's laws, and an equal opportunity to influence their governments.

  8. Parenthood: Parents have an obligation to help their children become healthy, happy adults who make their own positive contributions to society.

  9. Education: It is in the best interests of society to assist in the education of its members.

  10. Property: We believe in the private ownership of most property, but also in the public ownership of property that can benefit society at large through shared usage.

  11. Value Creation: It is in the best interests of society to encourage its citizens to engage in activities that will create value for themselves and others and society at large, and to allocate capital so that the greatest amount of it is available for use by those with the strongest likelihood of using it wisely.

  12. Diversity: We believe in the diverse expression of human potential.

Published 2015 Dec 16

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