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A Universal Improvement Process

These are the elements of a generalized improvement process, integrating components of natural selection, the scientific method and various disciplines for product and process improvement.

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I write as The Practical Utopian because my twin desires are to be:
Down-to-earth — I try to write short pieces explaining big ideas that will be broadly useful;
Idealistic — I write with the goal of helping all of us achieve better outcomes, both for ourselves and for those around us.

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Preparing Managers to Manage

The time has come to recognize that higher education in management rests on a fatal fallacy. The idea behind the contemporary business school is that preparing future business managers means training them in a discipline called Business Management. After 100 years of fruitless attempts to produce such a discipline, it should be clear that it does not exist. Preparing managers to manage, in fact, is not different from preparing people to live in a civilized world. Managers do not need to be trained; they need to be educated. And for that purpose, although a certain amount of study of business-related subjects may prove useful, the business schools as they are presently constituted are at best superfluous.

Matthew Stewart, 2009

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Train to Birmingham

Southerner Thomas Wolfe, in his book You Can’t Go Home Again, wrote about our inability to travel back in time and return to our origins. John Hiatt seemed to have had much the same sentiments in mind when he penned his song “Train to Birmingham.”

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